Our Products

The primary offerings from Ceaselez are global consulting services (IT and Non-IT) for driving business strategy.


  • ENTUNIR is the one stop shop solution for Enterprise communication & collaboration for managing meetings, tasks & documents.
  • Works in a stakeholder eco-system bringing all internal & external stakeholders on a common platform under one umbrella.
  • The integrated solution has in built virtual email engine to ensure seamless communication thru emails, real time alerts, push notifications & SMS.
  • The solution is adaptable to any industry segment, user friendly, robust & scalable – Tested & proven for most of the Industries.
  • The product works in a Global environment – multi country, multi location & multi currency.
  • The product has in built plugins to communicate with other communication tools & utilities like Outlook, Google apps, Audio Video conferencing tools (CISCO Webex, BT MeetMe, Adobe Connect etc).
  • The solution is enabled on mobile (both Android & iOS).


  • Large Business groups – Divisions, programs & projects – Unlimited hierarchy
  • Works in a global environment, multi country, location
  • Multi currency – Local, Project & Head Quarter. Automated currency conversion module
  • Multi units of conversion (UOM), UOM to UOM conversion
  • Role based access to external stakeholders like clients, vendors, sub-contractors, third parties & Business partners
  • Virtual email engine – Seamless communication thru emails, alerts, Push notifications & SMS
  • Real time visibility & transparency – Real time dynamic dash boards & reports
  • Enabled on mobile for Android & iOS.


  • The product has successfully gone live for one of the clients in the EPC industry.
  • The product is ready for go to Market – small, medium & large EPC companies.
  • The product can go standalone & also integrated with our PPM module of Z3PSUITE product – Integrated planning & execution with the scope of the contract.
  • Major features are
    • Unlimited activity hierarchy
    • Defining materials required for each activity
    • Pre-qualification (PQ) & RFI process management
    • Bidding (RFP) management
    • Bill of quantities (BOQ) with provision for multiple revisions
    • Rate analysis & estimation (supply, installation and supply & installation)
    • Past data analytics for rate estimation
    • Manging the drawings (BOQ, GFC)
    • Tender negotiation meetings & actions
    • Final BOQ & contract negotiation


  • The BPSS tool is a web based automated solution for supporting the End-End Business Strategy Simulation.
  • The tool helps in identifying the business needs :
    • Competitive
    • Organizational
    • Financial
    • Operational
  • The tool helps in simulation of scenarios using what-if analysis, reporting the worst case to best case scenarios and outcomes along with the solution.
    • Designing the solution
    • Building and presenting the solution
    • Managing and implementing the solution using industry standard McKinsey framework(Business Problem Management) and proven techniques like DOI (Degree of Implementation).
    • The tool helps in presenting the structure and buy-in.
  • The tool also helps leadership team for vision, inspiration and delegation.
  • The tool has lot of inbuilt business analytics to process humongous data and ability to :
    • Segregate short term, medium term and long term objectives/goals
    • Identify the low-hanging fruits