Consulting Services bundled with Products

  • Ceaselez is offering consulting services in the niche areas to help Business address there core challenges today. But consulting is not a standalone service in the business road map of Ceaselez.
  • There are many established world class consulting companies in the world. However most of the consulting companies are experts in identifying the problem and providing a theoretical solution in the form of documents or POC.
  • Most consulting companies do not have products to design, build, implement & institutionalize the solution across the business.
  • Ceaselez has designed their products which acts as integration platform to address the major challenges any business.
  • Hence Ceaselez is offering consulting services to Corporates in identifying a solution & also design, build, implement & institutionalize the solution across the business using their products.
  • Current focus areas for consulting.
    • Business problem management – Analytics, Investment planning & financial management
    • Project & program management
    • Service integration & management
    • Business transition & transformation
    • Continuous improvement – Driving performance, productivity & profitability

Business and Technology Transformation Services

  • Ceaselez Tech solutions is creating a road map for ramping there competencies in niche technology areas AI, IOT & data analytics.
  • The primary objective is to support the re-engineering of the existing products & enterprise solutions for transformation to the next generation IT solutions.
  • Ceaselez Tech will be finalising the road map for Business & Technology transfer initiatives during Q4 2018-19.

Business and Technology Transformation Services

  • Ceaselez is now looking at expanding its presence in India & also globally.
  • Ceaselez firmly believes that identifying & working with Business partners will help them grow their presence – convergence model, partnership in progress and risks & reward sharing.
  • The CEO & principal consultants of Ceaselez have close to three decades of global experience & have already started identifying business partners to collaborate for
    • Sales & Marketing of Ceaselez products.
    • Local POC & implementation support.
  • The fundamental principal for Business partner services are
    • No conflict of interest in the respective offerings.
    • Offerings of Ceaselez & Business partner will compliment & add more value to client as an integrated offering.
  • Ceaselez has already signed partnership framework agreements with few Business partners in India, USA, Europe & APAC countries.
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