Enterprise IT Solutions

Enterprise IT Solutions

Ceaselez Products are built on a scalable platform and can be adapted to all industries and domains with minimum or no customization. The products act as an umbrella to integrate with existing IT solutions of any business for managing end to end operations. Hence, Ceaselez has already developed few customized enterprise IT solutions by using the products functional platform. Also Ceaselez is currently working on few opportunities to integrate their products with the existing IT solutions of the clients.


  • Largest Consultation Exercise – Multiple stakeholders working in an end-end ecosystem.
  • Planning & Execution engine for end-end implementation of all projects.
  • Standard tools, templates, processes across the ecosystem.
  • Real time visibility and transparency of the progress.
  • Enterprise Communication & Collaboration.
  • Estimation Techniques, predictive analytics (BI) and seamless communication across the complex vendor ecosystem and life cycle are the other critical success factors.
  • Data Centric - E-DMS (Document Management system) for collection, processing, storage and retrieval of information is absolutely critical.
  • Service Integration & Management.


  • ARCSUITE is a simple, robust, flexible and user friendly solution for ARCs in India.
  • The solution integrates all stake holders under one umbrella and is built with an architecture that can integrate statutory bodies like RBI and IBBI.
  • ARCSUITE integrates all functions of the life cycle of the ARC business process.
  • ARCSUITE has an inbuilt and customized Finance and Accounting module. The accounting aspect of ARC Business is very cumbersome and complex.
  • The existing standard F&A products in the market will not be able to handle the ARC accounting.
  • Hence, Ceaselez Tech has developed a customized F&A module with a scalable framework to cater to similar business segments in BFSI industry.
  • ARCSUITE has an inbuilt smart Document Management System (DMS) where documents are automatically stored in a centralized Document repository in the end-to-end process workflow – Virtual Data Room (VDR).
  • Once the solution has gone live and proven it’s capability, the roadmap is to implement the solution for other ARCs independently or through other regulatory bodies.


  • An adaptable, affordable, customized integrated solution for EPC industry with focus on SME Sector.
  • Simple, robust, scalable, flexible, user friendly and easily adaptable solution.
  • Integrates all functions from the bidding phase to the successful project delivery and maintenance.
  • The solution will help for sustainable growth & profitability.
  • Highly secured with strict workflows and approvals at each stage.
  • Innovation, visibility and transparency for management & clients.
  • Predictive & advanced analytics.
  • Virtual email engine, seamless real time communication with alerts, push notifications and SMS.
  • Real time dashboards & reports.
  • Ceaselez Tech is planning to customize the EPC generic framework for Manufacturing and Supply Chain industries from Q2 2019-20.

Enterprise IT Solutions in Pipeline

  • Ceaselez has successfully developed an Enterprise IT solution for resolution of NPAs – ARCSUITE, this solution has been piloted and tested and is currently going live for one of the leading ARCs in India.
  • Ceaselez has already developed and launched a world class Enterprise communication and collaboration product ENTUNIR.
  • Ceaselez has already developed and launched a Virtual Data Room (VDR) – A dynamic Document Management System (DMS).
  • Our product ENTUNIR also comes with an integrated stakeholder management Module.
  • Ceaselez products and solutions are built with a virtual email engine for seamless communication through alerts, push notifications and SMS.
  • Ceaselez has built a customized F&A module which is tailor made for ARC’s and other investment companies.

  • The IPSUITE will help IRP/RP involved in a case/assignment for managing the end to end lifecycle for resolution process (from M1 to Mend).
  • The solution will be developed and implemented in 2 phases.
    • Phase 1 – Insolvency resolution planning process (Approved final resolution plan for a case/assignment).
    • Phase 2 - Execution of the approved resolution plan.
  • The integrated solution should act as secretarial support to IRP/RP for managing the end to end process lifecycle of the resolution process.
  • The proposed solution should
    • work in a stakeholder eco-system helping IRP/RP to manage the stakeholders involved in the end to end business lifecycle of a case/assignment.
    • be highly secured with data security standard requisites.
    • support the enterprise communication & collaboration activities like meetings, task management etc.
    • have a centralized Document management system for storing & retrieving all documents by IRP/RP & other stakeholders based on access privileges.
    • have Audit trail & documentation at every stage of planning & execution phases.
    • provide real time visibility for the statutory bodies on the progress of resolution, planning & execution process.